Global Spam Tracking Project
Global Spam Tracking Project (GSTP) is an international online project founded in 2014 by Christos Beretas to track spam activities world wide. The GSTP purpose is to create black list of spam IP / e-mail addresses which they have been submitted by the computer users, thus when an illegal activity take place it is easy to search for the specific IP  / e-mail address in our list to find more information where other users may have been post about it.

Why all computer users should they participate in the project?

Because reporting the spam activities you inform and protect other computer users to infect and take more security actions, thus you are helping to stop spamming, blacklist spammers today.

The GSTP Project is Free?   

GSTP project is free for now and forever, our goal is to not make an online community for profit, but to inform and protect other computer users for safer web.

GSTP Project it will track my computer IP address or other information about my location, etc?

NO, GSTP project it will not store or track any information about you, you can submit your report anonymously by typing a fake name and email address, our goal is to not track you, but we want to track the spammers.

Reporting the spam activity to GSTP the spam attack it will stop?

NO and YES, you have just made a good act! it is difficult to stop spamming, but we have on our black list your spam report details including the attacker IP or e-mail address, which other users may protect by reading your spam report, Thus we have a safer internet. However, GSTP is an international project and international anti spam and intelligence agencies they are visit GSTP website to track the spammers.

It is not Spam protected from national speech laws?

Generally NO, but different countries have different speech laws.

Spam is the same as normal advertising?

NO, because normal advertising pay a fee for the advertise distribution, while spammers they send junk mails with goals to full your inbox and delay the network.

Can I unsubscribe from a spam list?

NO, Don't do this, spammers use that method to validate email addresses.

How does the spammer get email address?

There are many ways for spammer to get email addresses, keep on your mind they will find your email address soon or later.

What are the advantages reporting spam at GSTP?

Who is responsible about the GSTP content?

NONE, GSTP doesn't have any responsibility regarding reporting issues, all reports they are based on computer users ability about what is spam and attack.

What is the Honeypot Antispam Project?

The Honeypot Antispam Project is a smart project part of GSTP project, its goal is to attract those online robots who collect available public e-mail addresses, when the robots they will begin to collect the email address which is available on Honey Antispam Project, the attacker will get a huge amount of fake addresses, this e-mail addresses are fake and the goal is to make a list on the spamer side of fake e-mail addresses.

What should i do if my e-mail or IP address is black listed on GSTP by mistake?

You should contact Christos Beretas by e-mail and try to explain about this issue, keep on your mind we have the right to accept or reject your explanation. The communication should have the following characteristics, for GSTP requests use ONLY this email address: and put on the subject "Global Spam Tracking Project - Request for Removal".

Report Spam Here  -  Honeypot Antispam Project